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Investor organizations » Mature stage 55

Partner Organization Acuity Ventures image of RreT XvccZ B HbtNPieDQDBmYa X

Acuity Ventures

Using Data and Analytics to Unlock Africa's Potential

Partner Organization image of Acumen


We believe every person deserves to live with dignity

Partner Organization Adenia Partners image of Adenia

Adenia Partners

A private capital management firm investing in some of Africa’s most promising businesses.

Partner Organization BECO Capital image of Download

BECO Capital

Boosting amazing entrepreneurs from ground zero into outer space

Partner Organization image of Breega


We are a European VC built by founders to propel startups to global success

Partner Organization C5 Capital image of Download

C5 Capital

An investment firm dedicated to nurturing a secure digital future

Partner Organization image of Capria


Invest locally, collaborate globally

Partner Organization CBO capital image of Cbo

CBO capital

CBO Capital is an Investment Advisory, and Project development firm based in Lagos.

Partner Organization CDC Group image of Download

CDC Group

Investment works

Partner Organization Consonance Investment Manager image of Consonance

Consonance Investment Manager

Impactful and Sustainable Enterprises in Sub Saharan Africa

Partner Organization Convergence Partners image of Convergence Picture Placeholder X

Convergence Partners

Light creates growth