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This community is ‘for investors, by investors’ and is dedicated to all things venture capital and early-stage investing in emerging markets. Join to network with other like-minded investors and get access to tailor-made content and curated deal flow. Please keep in mind that the audience is investor-only and make sure to provide enough information for us to be able to assess your profile.

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Join the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit 2021 #AESIS2021

VC4A and ABAN are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 8th edition of the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit (#AESIS2021) on November 4th and 5th 2021. This year the annual ‘for investors, by investors’ event bringing together Africa’s early stage investor community, will be in a hybrid format until further notice with local investor meetups happening the evening of November 3rd. Make sure to register on time!

Global Innovation Fund

A non-profit investment vehicle aiming to improve the lives of low-income people

Blue Haven Initiative LLC

Supporting startups delivering basic services in Sub Saharan Africa

Discovery & deal flow

This community offers exclusive access to a highly curated deal flow, regular meetings with the rockstar founders and opportunities to discover some of the most exciting ventures in your target markets.

Take a look at the 2020 Venture Showcase alumni below (Seed and Series A), where the participants have been referred, vetted and assessed by a committee of your fellow investors. And stay tuned for the upcoming Quarterly DealDays, where you’ll get introduced to small batches of pre-screened and investment-ready ventures throughout the year.

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2021 VC4A Venture Showcase Series A

View all selected companies

Alpha Direct Insurtech

Insurtech with strong ip portfolio and team ready to scale in Africa


The payment company enabling merchants' growth in francophone Africa

2021 VC4A Venture Showcase Seed

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Moja Ride

Mobility as a Service for Emerging Markets


Financial inclusion for those the rest can't reach


Earn cash back from your everyday shopping

2021 VC4A Quarterly DealRoom #1

View all selected companies

Xente Tech Limited

Simple, Smart Business Account


Localized E-learning for limited income segment

2020 VC4A Venture Showcase Series A

View all selected companies


Africa's Super App - Transportation, Delivery, Payment & Lending

Aspire Power Solutions

A better energy experience starts here


Modern Payroll and HR technology for emerging markets

2020 VC4A Venture Showcase Seed

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Foodlocker Limited

Farming-as-a-Service for Large Buyers


Visitor management thats meets you on the chat app you use most