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Investor overview

Energy Access Ventures

We bring more than just capital.

Enygma Ventures

Enygma Ventures is a fund that invests in female entrepreneurs in SADC

Enza Capital


EWB Ventures

Engineers without Borders Canada

Factor[e] Ventures

Powering impactful technology solutions in emerging markets.

Fifty Years

We back founders using technology to solve the world's biggest problems.

FINCA Ventures

Early stage impact investor that sits within one of the largest global MFIs

First Growth Ventures

Investing in early-stage companies across sub-saharan africa


Accelerating Entrepreneurship in MENA


The conscious company accelerator

Future Africa

Building an African Future where purpose & prosperity is within everyone's reach

Future Hub

Incubating & Investing in Africa's Future

Future / Perfect Ventures

Venture capital fund in New York City investing in next generation technology

Global Innovation Fund

A non-profit investment vehicle aiming to improve the lives of low-income people

Global Partnerships/Eleos Social Venture Fund

Addressing the “pioneer gap” by supporting early stage social enterprises

Golden Palm Investments

Investment holding company focused on early stage opportunities in Africa

Gray Matters Capital / coLABS

The Gender Lens Portfolio

Grey Elephant Ventures

Bringing African innovation to life


Support Beyond Finance

Growth Capital by CcHub

We invest in next generation infrastructure for change

GSMA Mobile for Development

Driving innovation in digital technology to reduce inequalities in our world.

GV (Google Ventures)

GV provides venture capital funding to bold new companies


Local Innovation. Global Elevation.

Helios Investment partners

Bridging international capital and know-how to African talent and enterprise